Myles Turner Stats, A Comprehensive Analysis of the Pacers’ Defensive Anchor

Myles Turner Stats, A Comprehensive Analysis of the Pacers’ Defensive Anchor

Myles turner stats – Myles Turner, the Indiana Pacers’ defensive stalwart, has emerged as one of the NBA’s most formidable rim protectors. With his exceptional shot-blocking ability and rebounding prowess, Turner has established himself as a key cog in the Pacers’ defensive scheme. This comprehensive analysis delves into Turner’s career statistics, strengths, weaknesses, contract details, injury history, and future outlook.

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Myles Turner’s NBA Career Statistics

Myles Turner has established himself as one of the most promising young centers in the NBA. Since entering the league in 2015, he has showcased his exceptional defensive abilities and rebounding prowess.

Myles Turner’s NBA Career Statistics
Season Team Games Played Points Per Game Rebounds Per Game Assists Per Game Blocks Per Game Steals Per Game
2015-16 Indiana Pacers 60 5.5 4.9 0.5 1.4 0.5
2016-17 Indiana Pacers 81 12.7 7.3 1.1 2.1 0.7
2017-18 Indiana Pacers 65 12.6 6.4 1.1 2.2 0.8
2018-19 Indiana Pacers 74 13.3 7.2 1.3 2.7 0.8
2019-20 Indiana Pacers 62 12.1 6.6 1.2 2.1 0.8
2020-21 Indiana Pacers 47 12.9 6.5 1.1 3.4 0.8
2021-22 Indiana Pacers 67 12.9 7.1 1.0 2.8 0.8
2022-23 Indiana Pacers 56 17.5 8.4 1.5 3.3 0.9

Myles Turner’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths, Myles turner stats

  • Defensive Prowess:Turner is an exceptional defender, known for his rim protection and ability to block shots. He has consistently ranked among the league leaders in blocks per game.
  • Shot-Blocking Ability:Turner’s wingspan and athleticism make him a formidable shot-blocker. He has a keen sense of timing and positioning, allowing him to disrupt opponents’ shots effectively.
  • Rebounding Skills:Turner is a strong rebounder on both ends of the floor. He uses his size and athleticism to secure rebounds and create second-chance opportunities for his team.


  • Offensive Consistency:Turner’s offensive game lacks consistency. He can be effective as a scorer at times, but his shot selection and finishing ability can be inconsistent.
  • Free Throw Shooting:Turner is a poor free throw shooter, which can limit his scoring efficiency. He has consistently shot below 60% from the free throw line throughout his career.
  • Lateral Quickness:While Turner is a strong defender overall, his lateral quickness can be a weakness. He can struggle to stay with smaller, quicker opponents on the perimeter.

Myles Turner’s Contract and Salary

Myles Turner is currently under a four-year, $80 million contract with the Indiana Pacers. The contract, signed in 2021, has an annual salary of $20 million and expires at the end of the 2024-25 season.

Turner’s market value is estimated to be around $20-25 million per year. His defensive prowess and shot-blocking ability make him a valuable asset to any team. However, his offensive limitations and injury history may affect his future contract negotiations.

Myles Turner’s Injury History

  • February 2018:Concussion
  • March 2019:Right ankle sprain
  • August 2019:Left foot stress reaction
  • January 2021:Left foot stress reaction
  • January 2022:Right foot stress reaction

Turner’s injury history has impacted his availability and performance at times. The stress reactions in his feet have been particularly concerning, as they have caused him to miss significant portions of the season.

Myles Turner’s Team Fit and Role

Myles Turner is a key player in the Indiana Pacers’ defensive scheme. His rim protection and shot-blocking ability are essential to the team’s success. He also provides a strong rebounding presence and can contribute offensively at times.

Turner’s compatibility with other players on the Pacers’ roster is a concern. He is best suited playing alongside a mobile, athletic big man who can complement his defensive abilities. The Pacers have not consistently had such a player on their roster, which has limited Turner’s effectiveness at times.

Myles Turner’s Potential and Future Outlook: Myles Turner Stats

Myles Turner has the potential to be one of the best defensive players in the NBA. His shot-blocking ability and rebounding skills are elite, and he has shown flashes of offensive improvement. However, his consistency and injury history are areas that need to be addressed.

Turner’s future prospects will depend on his ability to improve his offensive game and stay healthy. If he can do that, he has the potential to become a star in the NBA. However, if his offensive limitations and injury concerns persist, his career may be limited.

The Guardians and Damian Lillard put on a thrilling show, showcasing their impressive skills. Lillard’s electrifying performance was matched by the Guardians’ relentless defense, keeping the game close. Meanwhile, Damian Lillard ‘s brilliance continued to shine, as he led the Mavs to a narrow victory over the Clippers.

In other news, Myles Turner ‘s impressive stats once again highlighted his dominance on the court.

Concluding Remarks

As the Pacers navigate the complexities of the NBA landscape, Myles Turner’s contributions will be crucial to their success. His unique skill set and unwavering determination make him a valuable asset, and his potential for growth and improvement is undeniable.

With his relentless work ethic and unwavering focus, Turner is poised to continue making a significant impact on the court for years to come.

FAQ Overview

What is Myles Turner’s average points per game?

12.7 points per game

How many rebounds per game does Myles Turner average?

7.1 rebounds per game

What is Myles Turner’s career high in blocks?

12 blocks

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