How to Handle Snake Yumi Sin and Cat Kitty, A Comprehensive Guide

How to handle his snake yumi sin and fit kitty – In the realm of League of Legends, players face the daunting task of countering the elusive Snake Yumi Sin and the enigmatic Cat Kitty. This comprehensive guide delves into the strategies, itemization, and team compositions that empower players to triumph over these formidable foes.

Yumi Sin, with her potent ultimate ability “Final Hour,” poses a significant threat, while Kitty’s high mobility and burst damage make her an equally formidable opponent. By understanding their strengths and weaknesses, players can effectively neutralize their impact and secure victory.

Handling Snake Yumi Sin

Understanding Yumi Sin’s abilities and weaknesses is crucial for effectively countering her in combat. Yumi’s ultimate ability, “Final Hour,” grants her immense power but leaves her vulnerable due to its long cooldown. Exploiting Yumi’s low mobility and long cooldowns is essential for gaining an advantage in team fights.

Countering Final Hour

When Yumi activates “Final Hour,” her attacks become unblockable and deal significant damage. To counter this, players should prioritize disengaging from Yumi and avoiding direct confrontations. Focus on controlling the battlefield, disrupting her ultimate’s duration, and waiting for its cooldown to end.

Exploiting Yumi’s Weaknesses

Yumi’s low mobility makes her vulnerable to ganks and ambushes. Coordinating with teammates to engage on Yumi when she is isolated or out of position can lead to successful takedowns. Additionally, Yumi’s long cooldowns create opportunities for teams to engage in skirmishes while her abilities are unavailable.

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Capitalizing on these windows can swing the balance in your favor.

Handling Cat Kitty

Kitty is a formidable champion in League of Legends, renowned for her exceptional mobility, stealth abilities, and burst damage. Understanding her strengths and weaknesses is crucial for developing effective strategies against her.

Kitty’s Strengths

Kitty possesses remarkable agility, allowing her to swiftly navigate the battlefield and evade enemy attacks. Her burst damage is also formidable, enabling her to eliminate opponents quickly with her signature combo of abilities. Moreover, Kitty’s invisibility and stealth capabilities make her a formidable assassin, capable of sneaking up on unsuspecting targets and delivering devastating strikes.

Dealing with Kitty’s Mobility

To counter Kitty’s high mobility, it is essential to employ crowd control abilities that can slow or immobilize her. Champions with stun, snare, or knock-up abilities are particularly effective in this regard. Additionally, placing wards strategically can help track Kitty’s movements and prevent her from catching opponents off guard.

Countering Kitty’s Stealth

Kitty’s invisibility and stealth abilities can be a significant threat, but there are ways to mitigate their effectiveness. True Sight items, such as Oracle Lens or Vision Ward, can reveal Kitty’s presence, making it easier to target her. Additionally, champions with abilities that can detect invisible units, such as Lee Sin’s Sonic Wave, can also be used to counter Kitty’s stealth.

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Itemization for Countering Snake Yumi Sin: How To Handle His Snake Yumi Sin And Fit Kitty

When confronting Snake Yumi Sin, the proper itemization strategy can significantly enhance your chances of victory. Various item builds offer distinct advantages and drawbacks, making it crucial to tailor your choices to the specific circumstances of each encounter.

Armor Penetration

Armor penetration items, such as Lord Dominik’s Regards and Serylda’s Grudge, are effective against Yumi Sin’s high armor. Lord Dominik’s Regards grants a flat armor penetration value, while Serylda’s Grudge provides percentage-based armor penetration and a slow effect. Both items can significantly reduce Yumi Sin’s damage mitigation, making them suitable options when facing a heavily armored Yumi Sin.


Anti-heal items, such as Mortal Reminder and Executioner’s Calling, can counter Yumi Sin’s healing abilities. Mortal Reminder provides a percentage-based reduction in healing, while Executioner’s Calling applies a grievous wounds effect that reduces healing by a flat amount. These items are particularly effective against Yumi Sin when combined with burst damage, as they can prevent her from sustaining herself during fights.

Crowd Control

Crowd control items, such as Randuin’s Omen and Frozen Heart, can disrupt Yumi Sin’s mobility and burst damage. Randuin’s Omen provides a slow aura that reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies, while Frozen Heart applies a chilling effect that slows enemy movement and attack speed.

These items can make it difficult for Yumi Sin to engage and escape, giving your team time to focus her down.

Situational Factors

The optimal itemization against Snake Yumi Sin depends on several situational factors, including the enemy team composition, your team’s composition, and the stage of the game. For instance, if Yumi Sin is heavily fed and has a high damage output, armor penetration items may be prioritized.

If the enemy team has multiple healing sources, anti-heal items become more valuable. Additionally, the game stage should be considered, as certain items may be more effective in the early, mid, or late game.

Itemization for Countering Cat Kitty

Countering Cat Kitty requires a well-thought-out itemization strategy. Different item builds offer unique advantages and disadvantages, and the optimal choice depends on the specific game situation. This table provides a comprehensive comparison of item builds for countering Cat Kitty:

Item Build Benefits Drawbacks Anti-Healing Items: <ul><li>Mortal Reminder</li><li>Thornmail</li></ul> Reduce Cat Kitty's healing, making her less effective in extended fights. Can be less effective against champions with multiple healing sources. Crowd Control Items: <ul><li>Randuin's Omen</li><li>Frozen Heart</li></ul> Slow and immobilize Cat Kitty, preventing her from engaging or escaping easily. Can be less effective against champions with high mobility. Armor Items: <ul><li>Dead Man's Plate</li><li>Thornmail</li></ul> Increase armor, making Cat Kitty's attacks less effective. Can be less effective against champions with high magic damage. Anti-Tank Items: <ul><li>Void Staff</li><li>Liandry's Anguish</li></ul> Penetrate Cat Kitty's magic resistance, making her more vulnerable to magic damage. Can be less effective against champions with low magic resistance.

When choosing items to counter Cat Kitty, consider the following factors:*

-*Team Composition

Assess the team compositions of both teams. If the enemy team has multiple healing sources, anti-healing items become more valuable.

  • -*Champion Matchup

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    Consider the specific champion matchup. If Cat Kitty has high mobility, crowd control items can be more effective.

  • -*Game Stage

    In the early game, armor items can be more beneficial for countering Cat Kitty’s physical damage. As the game progresses, anti-tank items become more important for dealing with her increased magic damage.

By carefully selecting items based on the game situation, players can effectively counter Cat Kitty and increase their chances of victory.

Team Composition for Countering Snake Yumi Sin

To counter Snake Yumi Sin, teams should consider drafting champions with abilities that can disrupt her playstyle and force her to adapt. Champions with high mobility, crowd control, and burst damage can be effective against Yumi.

Champions Strong Against Yumi

  • Leona:Leona’s crowd control abilities, such as Zenith Blade and Solar Flare, can disrupt Yumi’s attachment to her ally, making it difficult for her to deal damage and heal.
  • Thresh:Thresh’s hook and Dark Passage can interrupt Yumi’s ultimate, Final Chapter, and force her to reposition.
  • Nautilus:Nautilus’ crowd control abilities, such as Dredge Line and Depth Charge, can lock down Yumi and prevent her from attaching to an ally.
  • Blitzcrank:Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab can pull Yumi out of her attachment, making her vulnerable to burst damage.
  • Zed:Zed’s mobility and burst damage can quickly eliminate Yumi before she can attach to an ally.

Synergy between these champions can further enhance their effectiveness against Yumi. For example, Leona’s crowd control can set up Nautilus’ ultimate, Depth Charge, which can deal significant damage to Yumi and her attached ally.

Team Composition for Countering Cat Kitty

Kitty is a formidable opponent, but her reliance on auto-attacks and her lack of crowd control abilities make her vulnerable to certain champion matchups. Here are some champions who can exploit Kitty’s weaknesses and limit her impact:

  • Ranged Champions with Crowd Control:Champions like Morgana, Lux, and Ashe can keep Kitty at bay with their crowd control abilities, preventing her from getting close enough to deal significant damage.
  • Bruisers with Mobility:Champions like Jax, Irelia, and Fiora can use their mobility to dodge Kitty’s attacks and quickly engage on her, disrupting her positioning and dealing burst damage.
  • Tanks with Area-of-Effect Crowd Control:Champions like Amumu, Malphite, and Sejuani can use their area-of-effect crowd control abilities to lock down Kitty and her team, preventing them from moving freely and engaging on the backline.
  • Champions with High Burst Damage:Champions like Zed, Talon, and Katarina can quickly burst down Kitty before she can react, eliminating her from the fight and preventing her from dealing damage.

By selecting champions that can exploit Kitty’s weaknesses and synergize with each other, teams can effectively counter her and minimize her impact on the game.

Laning Phase Strategy against Snake Yumi Sin

Snake Yumi Sin excels in lanes where she can bully her opponents with her ranged auto-attacks and poke damage. She struggles against champions with high sustain or mobility who can avoid her harass and engage on her.

Controlling the Lane as Different Champion Archetypes

Sustain Champions: Champions like Soraka or Sona can sustain through Yumi’s poke and outscale her in the late game. They should focus on farming and avoiding unnecessary trades.Mobility Champions: Champions like Lee Sin or Yasuo can easily dodge Yumi’s attacks and engage on her.

They should look for opportunities to all-in her when she is vulnerable.Burst Champions: Champions like Zed or Talon can burst down Yumi quickly if they can get close to her. They should wait for her to make a mistake or use their mobility to engage on her.

Ganking and Denying Farm

Junglers should prioritize ganking Yumi’s lane to deny her farm and experience. They can use crowd control to lock her down and make it easy for her laner to secure the kill. Additionally, junglers can place deep wards in Yumi’s jungle to track her movements and prevent her from roaming.

Laning Phase Strategy against Cat Kitty

Understanding the lane matchups and strategies against Cat Kitty is crucial for successful gameplay. Certain champion archetypes have advantages or disadvantages against her, and adapting your playstyle accordingly is essential.

Champion Archetypes Favoring Kitty

Kitty excels against champions with limited mobility or reliable crowd control, as she can easily kite them and deal sustained damage from a distance. Some examples include:

  • Marksmen: Kitty’s mobility and long-range auto-attacks make it challenging for marksmen to engage or escape her.
  • Mages: Kitty’s ability to interrupt spellcasting with her Q and burst down squishy mages quickly makes her a formidable opponent for them.

Champion Archetypes Countering Kitty

Champions with high mobility, crowd control, or burst damage can effectively counter Kitty. These include:

  • Assassins: Assassins can quickly engage Kitty, burst her down, or interrupt her abilities with their mobility and burst damage.
  • Tanks: Tanks can absorb Kitty’s damage and engage on her, forcing her to retreat or focus on other targets.
  • Supports with Crowd Control: Supports with reliable crowd control abilities can disrupt Kitty’s mobility and prevent her from kiting or escaping.

Controlling the Lane Against Kitty

To effectively control the lane against Kitty, consider the following tips:

  • Deny Farm:Kitty relies heavily on gold and experience to scale. Use your abilities to deny her farm and delay her power spikes.
  • Freeze the Lane:Freezing the lane near your tower forces Kitty to overextend to farm, making her vulnerable to ganks or engages.
  • Control Vision:Place wards in key areas to track Kitty’s movements and prevent her from roaming or ganking other lanes.

Ganking and Denying Farm

Coordinating with your jungler for ganks can be effective against Kitty. Her lack of mobility makes her an easy target for ganks, especially when she is overextended or engaged in combat.

Additionally, denying Kitty’s farm by freezing the lane or pressuring her in her jungle can significantly slow down her scaling and make her less effective in team fights.

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Mid to Late Game Strategy against Snake Yumi Sin and Cat Kitty

In the mid to late game, Yumi and Kitty become formidable opponents due to their enhanced abilities and itemization. Adapting to their strengths and weaknesses is crucial for victory.

Grouping and Team Coordination

Grouping as a team is essential to engage or disengage from Yumi and Kitty. Yumi’s ultimate provides a powerful area-of-effect heal, while Kitty’s ultimate can grant invisibility to allies. Coordinate with teammates to focus fire on Yumi first to mitigate her healing and engage on Kitty when her ultimate is down.

Objective Control and Team Fights, How to handle his snake yumi sin and fit kitty

Yumi and Kitty excel in team fights and objective control. Yumi’s ability to heal allies and provide attack speed buffs makes her a valuable asset in extended engagements. Kitty’s ultimate can disrupt team fights by granting invisibility to her team, making it difficult for opponents to focus fire.

To counter this, prioritize killing Yumi first and ward strategic areas to track Kitty’s movements.


Mastering the art of countering Snake Yumi Sin and Cat Kitty requires a combination of strategic thinking, item optimization, and team coordination. By implementing the tactics Artikeld in this guide, players can overcome these formidable champions and achieve success in the League of Legends arena.

FAQ Corner

How do I counter Yumi Sin’s ultimate ability?

To counter Yumi Sin’s ultimate, “Final Hour,” consider using crowd control abilities to interrupt her channeling or building items that provide tenacity or stasis effects.

What are the best champions to counter Kitty?

Champions with strong crowd control abilities or high mobility, such as Leona, Morgana, or Yasuo, can effectively counter Kitty’s stealth and burst damage.

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